Wednesday, June 25, 2008

wild & wonder*full West Virginia

I went chasing the sun and kissin' the wind this past wkend on a BMLM [Bare Minimum Last Minute] **trip to W. Virginia. Some wishfull observations:

1. Ohio doesn't have any Biscuit World restaraunts...pity...miss the sweet tea and honey biscuits already.

2. Cicadas provide natural musical serenading as you drive -roll down the windows -turn OFF your stereo and give it a listen...before they're gone.

3. Lop-sided-abandoned-weather-beaten-old-barns are now my new curiosity...maybe...obsession.

4. Queen size sheets spray painted with messages make fantastic community message boards!

5. Listening to live banjo pickin' bluegrass music & eating fresh home cooked organic food is really "almost heaven"...

I wishweaved all the way from Charleston to the New River Gorge Bridge -- evidence by the pics!

**BMLM -Bare Minimum, Last Minute -pronounced - Bim-Lim, -definition- the best way to have a party, live life, take out the fussiness and hassle of ' IT ' -concept invented by SARK

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