Saturday, March 20, 2010

march = spring thaw 4 super powers

wishing your own personal spring thaw & renewal. let those ""put aside"" dreams & desires get some sunlight. let your super powers grow, hon!

wishing you serious appointment time for silliness with children. and silly sisters too. i ginormously love mine. if you weren't born with one. . . try to borrow, rent or adopt one.

wishing you the imagination of 4 year old boys. be mr. moon. or a pirate. or peter-parker-spider-man. or spider girl. this so rocks. it comes in very handy for that Monday morning office meeting or consultation with a client. aaargh!

wishing you raw heart love. mine is sensitive. open. expressive & messy. engaged in all gears. ready to go.

wishing you people connection. face time. [[hugging]] honest hand shakes. whatever it takes. when was the last time you "skipped to my Lou my darling" holding hands with someone?

March on. truly.