Monday, May 26, 2008

wishword this wkend- 'hedidit!'

I just have to honor, James Knipp for graduating from high school this weekend. James is one of those proud square peg kids in a round whole school and I know how hard it is to make it. His whole family surrounded and congratulated him with heartfelt honors and relief. He's the kind of young man who-just-wanted-to-grow-up-to-fast-and-get-out-into-the-world. His mamas have helped him realize HS and his dream to manifest his wishes of chef hood. He has great talent as a Chef and his vision and tenacity actually landed him a sous chef job at a local highly acclaimed restaurant where 17 year olds just don't the get fame & recognition that landed him with a local foodie advertisement. Any how, his next steps are culinary school - yum- and the other hard knocks of life like, odd jobs, more studying and following your bliss - this time - when it smells and taste good. I made him a special chef hat that says "runs with meat cleaver" - congratulations, James! I can't wait to taste your destiny as it unfolds...and careful with that meat cleaver.

faery gardening

Mortal duties all completed I finally got to play in my faery garden this weekend. I was not aware that the clover and vinca had run amok, and I had to clear the pathways so the dear fae can make it to the faery napping house again this summer. It's a shady little place in the garden surrounded by the sounds of fluttering butterfly wings and a gurgling waterfall. Oh, my, what a mess there would have been should they had got all caught up in the enchanting vines! AND, if the faery feel a bit nappish and they can't get into the napping hut...there could be havoc! Just in time, the sweet flowering thyme & and wandering weeds were cleared away to make room for their weary steps. Shhh...if you see them don't wake them. They really need their beauty sleep.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

wishword for the wkend - anthropology

Okay - flying home from N.C. I was trapped and exposed , not once, but TWICE, to hacking, coughing, sneezing humans. I still made feeble attempts at covering my mouth with my sweater and sending positive energy to my immune system to get ready for all those invading cooties flying around in the recycled filtered air. BUT, alas, it didn't work. I came down, not only with the worst miserable-cold-flu-thing, and, just when I thought I was rounding the corner, I evidentally had more evil germs lying dormant in my upper lungs and now have a wicked respiratory infection and cough that has literally left me speechless. At first, it wasn't so fun, being squeaky and quacky trying to talk. But, I decided, I didn't need to talk and just embraced my temporary loss of speech. I kind of like it. The silence of not talking back, not making comments and conversations for a few days has gently forced me to focus on my thoughts versus my words. I'm becoming quite the pop anthropologist -watching others, keen on body language, realizing how MUCH people really talk without ever saying anything and mostly enjoying walking around putting my hands together in the 'namaste' position to thank people when out in public instead of saying the words. when I do this I seem to get a bigger smile. hmm.....I think this sickly experience has taught me that a variety of thank-you's -not just in words- might just make some some a wishfull day!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Carolina on my mind

North Carolina that niece just graduated from Guilford University on Saturday. To say I was gloriously proud is understating it a bit. Kristie is my second niece to graduate from this beautiful college. I found myself the whole weekend, recalling the past, remembering the little seeds that our family planted, the knowledge we imparted, my most importantly role as Auntie. I had hoped they would benefit from my listening ear, all the maintenance polishing of thier "wings", and the neccessary nudging of their comfort zones when needed. I was also so honored to be in the presence of so many of the graduating class of '08 Peace and Conflict majors IE --peace mongers. There is hope for our world when you look around a campus and feel the energy of 1000 people who spiritually support community, diversity, peace and stewardship. Congrats Krisite~

Sacred Tic-Tac-Toes

Tic Tac Toe Art from the Sacred Gathering

wishing tree sprouts in Ohio!

After healthy doses of rain, delicious warm sunshine and a doting Robin, a Wishing Tree has sprouted in our little corner of the world. During the weekend of the Sacred Gathering 2008, women brought forth the Wishing Tree. Meant for manifesting desires, intentions and dreams this tree and all its wishes tied gently around the limbs will weather the days and nights of our passionate acceptance and storms of disappointment. If you're out by Osprey Lane, let Robin know and you too, can write your wishes on a muslin strip and tie it on the wishing tree to blow in the wind of potentiality.