Friday, December 24, 2010

Got Generosity?

A holiday [[wish ripple]] -- if you are heart inspired -- please pass along this beautiful film about Generosity. 

I especially love their focus of desiring to "engage in a lifestyle rooted in generosity."

KarmaTube: Be Selfish, Be Generous

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

last summer wish ...

what shall make the final days of my summer wish list?
pondering. contemplating. considering. . .

i believe my top fave five wishes will be: 
#5. thirsting for those sweet slurrppy delicious  fresh strawberry malts all year long.

#4. wishing to freeze frame the joy & sheer silliness of a four year old t-ball game - where kids actually p*l*a*y  -not- just play to win.

#3. sighing for the image of the Queen Ann's Lace popping her beauty lofty and graceful. 

#2. hankering for the summer garden goodies that were grown from seed and proudly became food for my family. 

and for my last summer wish . . .

#1.  aspiring for the energy, glow, & growth of summer to shimmer onward throughout 2010. May the sunny season dance on!

Friday, July 16, 2010

read carefully - it's your story

I just completed a submission project for:
 in which I created an accordion book for my 4 year old grandson, Ryan.
It is undeniable that I am so smitten with him.
The 20 index cards contain 'lessons' of life.  Scripts of text taken from old school books rescued from a trash pile. A few examples of questions that require much care for Ryan:
1. What are three things that you use every day?
answers: Compassion. Peace. Respect.
2. What is an environment?
answers: Mind, body & spirit.
You get my meaning - he may not understand it NOW- but one day he'll totally 'get it'.

Everything in the book is a 3R item. . .  paper, fabric & art scraps, plastic from cards, and assorted miscellany. I didn't have to purchase anything - just hunt & gather for the goodies.Off to mail it [with postage to get it returned, of course!]

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sunday, June 6, 2010

m e e t MARY

Meet Mary -my  contributing guardian art doll for the swap & e-book  for True North Arts. Mary is a Shero Doll an Ultimate Creator & Protector. 

She was inspired by the song "Mary" by Patty Griffin -to watch this beautiful video go here:

Mary by Patty Grffin & Natalie Maines

"Mary, she moves behind me
she leaves her fingerprints everywhere
Every time the snow drifts, everywhere the sand shifts
even when the night lifts, she's always there."

Mary needed 2B a paper doll - so I created her from a re-purposed paper envelope. Sewn & collaged with items such as vintage school flash cards, measuring tape, personal snapshots, & television components. My magpie self had a delightful time gathering all the stuff from my stash.  I didn't have to 'buy' a thing - she's created w/ out purchasing any new products. . .

 Mary has long strong arms for cherishment for the times when you feel vulnerable. Being an archetypal feminine divine doll, she has weathered the storms of life and is wise and steadfast. Most off all, Mary is a guardian doll to keep wishes, dreams & aspirations safe and sound in her envelope pouch. 

I just know the person who ends up with Mary will enjoy her as much I did creating her.   AND I can't wait to see what guardian doll arrives in my mail box one day!           

Monday, April 26, 2010

Great Aunt Lillie

Today I attended a 19 second funeral for my Great Aunt Lillie. Her 89 years of celebration of life lasted mere seconds.

Born 10/29/1920.
Died 4/21/2010.

The remaining thirty-four minutes and 41 seconds of her service consisted of scriptures, preaching and a final altar call.

This experience has left me saddened. In those few brief seconds, the speaker defined an entire lifetime of a dear woman. Did Aunt Lillie want her life to be measured this way? In the end, it was only her vital stats and titles that mattered. Beyond all of the facts, I wonder, what was her story? What was her passion? What made her weep? That was what I came to hear.

What about us women? We dreamers. Teachers. Healers. The cement of families and communities. What is going to be said about us in the final chapter of our story? Who is going to share all the years of of aspirations, yearnings and accomplishments?
When it is my time to go. I want to have a show and tell. With lots of giggles and beautiful memories. And bubbles, definitely got to have blowing bubbles for everyone.

As a child, I always loved tagging along with my beloved Grandma to visit Aunt Lillie in the hills of Kentucky. Since she had no children of her own, her home was filled with fancy, frilly and fragile lovelies! I recall her cheerful country kitchen always had treats & sweet bananas. Her cutting and vegetable garden was a magical play land.

In her nearly ninety years of life on this earth, the measurement of her life deserves more than the seconds of "now-you-see-her-now-you-don't".

I wish her spirit, gentle flight and her legacy, loving longevity.

Monday, April 12, 2010

l i f e

Can my antennas be any more sensitive right now? Is it the most supreme spring we are experencing?

Is it the solitude and quiet I have gifted myself with?

The daily [[ innercise ]] ?

The healing energy of creativity?

I'm not sure - BUT- I'm overloaded with righteous appreciation for L I F E right now.

I try to carry the lessons from yesterday without too much guilt, LIVE in the present moment, and not lose too much of myself in the future . . .

which is so hard to do - because I am such a dreamer!

My mirror ball has steered me in U-turns, Plan Be's and new directions I never saw coming - BUT - always worked out best for me.

I don't want to predict, plan or over schedule TOO much. I try to balance the present whimsical dreamy wishfull glenda with the future whimsical dreamy wishfull ole crone glenda I know I will become - and make sure I've going to be taking care of...

Click here for a little vid in honor of : l i f e

Saturday, April 3, 2010

april [no] fooling

In my blue flower flip flops, I'm stepping out into a brand new me after oh-so-many years of DOing the defined me. But not the re-find me.

April marks the first month of my journey of official "unemployment" - I will no longer be receiving a payroll check for for my expertise, knowledge, advice and full participatory commitment to an employer.

This was all my decision. I could have stayed on for eons just DOing and Doing. Playing it safe.
But the inner voice wouldn't be quieted. I had to ride my wishboat through the waves of uncertainty and fear and row on.

The month of March with my co workers was the most rewarding in my career. I was showered with genuine heart felt appreciation, love and respect. My last week, without a spiritual umbrella and enjoying the tears of gratitude. . .

I came undone with cherishment.

It was amazing and exhausting. I will never forget it.
Now I'm thank-FULL to be here and starting anew. A new BEginning.
My first, really. No fooling.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

march = spring thaw 4 super powers

wishing your own personal spring thaw & renewal. let those ""put aside"" dreams & desires get some sunlight. let your super powers grow, hon!

wishing you serious appointment time for silliness with children. and silly sisters too. i ginormously love mine. if you weren't born with one. . . try to borrow, rent or adopt one.

wishing you the imagination of 4 year old boys. be mr. moon. or a pirate. or peter-parker-spider-man. or spider girl. this so rocks. it comes in very handy for that Monday morning office meeting or consultation with a client. aaargh!

wishing you raw heart love. mine is sensitive. open. expressive & messy. engaged in all gears. ready to go.

wishing you people connection. face time. [[hugging]] honest hand shakes. whatever it takes. when was the last time you "skipped to my Lou my darling" holding hands with someone?

March on. truly.