Friday, July 16, 2010

read carefully - it's your story

I just completed a submission project for:
 in which I created an accordion book for my 4 year old grandson, Ryan.
It is undeniable that I am so smitten with him.
The 20 index cards contain 'lessons' of life.  Scripts of text taken from old school books rescued from a trash pile. A few examples of questions that require much care for Ryan:
1. What are three things that you use every day?
answers: Compassion. Peace. Respect.
2. What is an environment?
answers: Mind, body & spirit.
You get my meaning - he may not understand it NOW- but one day he'll totally 'get it'.

Everything in the book is a 3R item. . .  paper, fabric & art scraps, plastic from cards, and assorted miscellany. I didn't have to purchase anything - just hunt & gather for the goodies.Off to mail it [with postage to get it returned, of course!]