Sunday, June 15, 2008

Canadian cuppa tea

After my art-fest at the hotel, I was ready to get out and explore. Terry had business in Canada so I tagged along. Once we made it past the 40 mile detour, Bridge to Canada, and found our destination. I got the Ford Edge to explore Ontario for about 4 hours. I found extraordinary wineries everywhere I drove. HUGE greenhouses with lush plants just inviting the guests in. In Kingsville, the southern most part of Canada,

I had a blast discovering why this Victorian town is so charming. At Annabell's' I had a delicious cuppa Iron Goddess green tea with a vanilla scone, Devon cream, strawberry preserves and luscious service! OF course, some wish tickets were left at Annabell's for someone, someday...

After that I went to 'once upon a time' a thrift-estate-garage-sale-kinda store [IE: heaven] and rummaged through their moving sale. I found two vintage Canadian postcards of little girls from the early 1900's and lots of things every mixed media artist would love.

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