Sunday, June 15, 2008

2 yr old wisdom

Out of the mouths of babes always comes wisdom. this weekend, my little grandman, Ryan, watered all the plants. "Come on!" he said...with the utmost enthusiasm. AND off we went. Filling up, pouring out and nourishing every single plant. Over and over and over again.

His smile never went away. His joyed overflowed. His childlike wonder always teaches and amazes me. I am so thankful for his lessons.

Especially at this time, where water is scare, can be destructive and taken for granted, may the simple act of nourishing with one our most basic life's chemicals, water, bring you thankfulness too.

1 comment:

pattie said...

My oh MY...what a wonderful face and beautiful Smile...Yes...don't they just bring you right back to the really important things of life...
LOVE! It really is just that simple isn't it!!
So good to see you!!