Sunday, June 15, 2008

mi-shi-gən wishcrafting

I had my surgery this week and have learned to use and appreciate my left hand. My right hand has been 'ordered to light duty' until my stitches come out next week, so I'm being a good patient and paying attention to all the "actual" duties our poor hands must endure. Since I'm right hand dominant, this has been a lesson in appreciation for lefties living in a right-handed world. Since I'm officially recuperating and off work, Terry decided to take me on-the-road with her to N.Michigan and Canada for a business trip for a few days. Yippee-- unexpected wishcrafting!

First, let me say, how nice and cozy the rental car Ford Edge is for arting while driving. I have NO idea how the gas mileage, engine size, etc...BUT, I was super impressed w/ how all my supplies fit nicely in the passenger door compartment so I could quickly grab it while I worked on my Sacred Gathering Journal. I had everything I needed for the 4 hour drive. Quite lovely!

Once at the hotel --- after dinner and unpacking. I had the whole next day to catch up on some wandmaking. AND did I. The suite we stayed in had a beautiful sky light that had a desk that became my work space for the few days. For the entire day, I had peace and qiute and nothing but the Michigan sunlight to keep me company as I wanded away. With my right finger all bandaged, I was very careful not to let in any art supplies sneak its way into my stiches - didn't want to have to explain -glitter to my surgeon!

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