Monday, April 12, 2010

l i f e

Can my antennas be any more sensitive right now? Is it the most supreme spring we are experencing?

Is it the solitude and quiet I have gifted myself with?

The daily [[ innercise ]] ?

The healing energy of creativity?

I'm not sure - BUT- I'm overloaded with righteous appreciation for L I F E right now.

I try to carry the lessons from yesterday without too much guilt, LIVE in the present moment, and not lose too much of myself in the future . . .

which is so hard to do - because I am such a dreamer!

My mirror ball has steered me in U-turns, Plan Be's and new directions I never saw coming - BUT - always worked out best for me.

I don't want to predict, plan or over schedule TOO much. I try to balance the present whimsical dreamy wishfull glenda with the future whimsical dreamy wishfull ole crone glenda I know I will become - and make sure I've going to be taking care of...

Click here for a little vid in honor of : l i f e

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