Wednesday, August 11, 2010

last summer wish ...

what shall make the final days of my summer wish list?
pondering. contemplating. considering. . .

i believe my top fave five wishes will be: 
#5. thirsting for those sweet slurrppy delicious  fresh strawberry malts all year long.

#4. wishing to freeze frame the joy & sheer silliness of a four year old t-ball game - where kids actually p*l*a*y  -not- just play to win.

#3. sighing for the image of the Queen Ann's Lace popping her beauty lofty and graceful. 

#2. hankering for the summer garden goodies that were grown from seed and proudly became food for my family. 

and for my last summer wish . . .

#1.  aspiring for the energy, glow, & growth of summer to shimmer onward throughout 2010. May the sunny season dance on!

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