Sunday, June 6, 2010

m e e t MARY

Meet Mary -my  contributing guardian art doll for the swap & e-book  for True North Arts. Mary is a Shero Doll an Ultimate Creator & Protector. 

She was inspired by the song "Mary" by Patty Griffin -to watch this beautiful video go here:

Mary by Patty Grffin & Natalie Maines

"Mary, she moves behind me
she leaves her fingerprints everywhere
Every time the snow drifts, everywhere the sand shifts
even when the night lifts, she's always there."

Mary needed 2B a paper doll - so I created her from a re-purposed paper envelope. Sewn & collaged with items such as vintage school flash cards, measuring tape, personal snapshots, & television components. My magpie self had a delightful time gathering all the stuff from my stash.  I didn't have to 'buy' a thing - she's created w/ out purchasing any new products. . .

 Mary has long strong arms for cherishment for the times when you feel vulnerable. Being an archetypal feminine divine doll, she has weathered the storms of life and is wise and steadfast. Most off all, Mary is a guardian doll to keep wishes, dreams & aspirations safe and sound in her envelope pouch. 

I just know the person who ends up with Mary will enjoy her as much I did creating her.   AND I can't wait to see what guardian doll arrives in my mail box one day!           

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healingdolls said...

Hello Glenda,
I received your Guardian paperdoll...WOW! so much detail, it took me an hour to experience the ALL of her, loved that she had a theme song.
Thank you participating,
Barb Kobe