Monday, May 26, 2008

wishword this wkend- 'hedidit!'

I just have to honor, James Knipp for graduating from high school this weekend. James is one of those proud square peg kids in a round whole school and I know how hard it is to make it. His whole family surrounded and congratulated him with heartfelt honors and relief. He's the kind of young man who-just-wanted-to-grow-up-to-fast-and-get-out-into-the-world. His mamas have helped him realize HS and his dream to manifest his wishes of chef hood. He has great talent as a Chef and his vision and tenacity actually landed him a sous chef job at a local highly acclaimed restaurant where 17 year olds just don't the get fame & recognition that landed him with a local foodie advertisement. Any how, his next steps are culinary school - yum- and the other hard knocks of life like, odd jobs, more studying and following your bliss - this time - when it smells and taste good. I made him a special chef hat that says "runs with meat cleaver" - congratulations, James! I can't wait to taste your destiny as it unfolds...and careful with that meat cleaver.

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