Monday, May 26, 2008

faery gardening

Mortal duties all completed I finally got to play in my faery garden this weekend. I was not aware that the clover and vinca had run amok, and I had to clear the pathways so the dear fae can make it to the faery napping house again this summer. It's a shady little place in the garden surrounded by the sounds of fluttering butterfly wings and a gurgling waterfall. Oh, my, what a mess there would have been should they had got all caught up in the enchanting vines! AND, if the faery feel a bit nappish and they can't get into the napping hut...there could be havoc! Just in time, the sweet flowering thyme & and wandering weeds were cleared away to make room for their weary steps. Shhh...if you see them don't wake them. They really need their beauty sleep.

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