Sunday, May 18, 2008

wishword for the wkend - anthropology

Okay - flying home from N.C. I was trapped and exposed , not once, but TWICE, to hacking, coughing, sneezing humans. I still made feeble attempts at covering my mouth with my sweater and sending positive energy to my immune system to get ready for all those invading cooties flying around in the recycled filtered air. BUT, alas, it didn't work. I came down, not only with the worst miserable-cold-flu-thing, and, just when I thought I was rounding the corner, I evidentally had more evil germs lying dormant in my upper lungs and now have a wicked respiratory infection and cough that has literally left me speechless. At first, it wasn't so fun, being squeaky and quacky trying to talk. But, I decided, I didn't need to talk and just embraced my temporary loss of speech. I kind of like it. The silence of not talking back, not making comments and conversations for a few days has gently forced me to focus on my thoughts versus my words. I'm becoming quite the pop anthropologist -watching others, keen on body language, realizing how MUCH people really talk without ever saying anything and mostly enjoying walking around putting my hands together in the 'namaste' position to thank people when out in public instead of saying the words. when I do this I seem to get a bigger smile. hmm.....I think this sickly experience has taught me that a variety of thank-you's -not just in words- might just make some some a wishfull day!

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