Wednesday, April 30, 2008

solitude is so sweet

Sometimes 'getting away from it all' provides us with a fresh perspective of what 'it" really is and what it means to us. This happened to me recently when I ran away to Brown County IN and spent the wkend in a quaint little cottage in the woods. No TV, no Internet, NO digital nothing...I was totally unplugged and tuned IN-ward. Solitude. Sacred time. Quiet time.

While exploring in the woods, I found a neglected old cemetery and was amazed by the tiny moss covered tombstones of long forgotten children and the giant ivy covered stones of their parents. I also discovered dangling grapevine and made an impromptu mini wreath to cast out into the pond for wishmaking. While wrapping the vines, I energetically put my intentions into this wreath of wooden infinity and lovingly tossed it out into the water to float off into the big unknown. When it eventually unfolds and either sinks to bottom or ends up in the shore line slosh, I know magical things will have already begun for me. The gift of solitude, quietness, and self-permission to disconnect from the noise of the world to hear what is really going on was my first step~

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